Application Calendar 2022/23:

Applications 1st phase: May 16th up to June 27th
List of admitted applications: July 4th
Registration: July 6th up to 12th

Applications 2nd phase: July 13th up to September 5th
List of admitted applications: September 7th
Registration: September 8th and 9th

2nd Application phase only to fill vacancies

Start your application 2022/23:

After the opening of the application call, you should fill the online application. 

1) Select "Candidatura a Doutoramentos" (PhD Application)

If you have completed your Bachelor's/Master's degree at UCP, click on “Doutoramento (Aluno/Ex-Aluno da UCP)” (Doctorate (UCP Student/Former Student))
If you have completed your Bachelor's/Master's degree at another institution, click on “Doutoramento (Novo na UCP)” (Doctorate (New at UCP))

2) Fill in all your personal information

3) Attach the required documents

(All documents must be submitted in pdf format. The original document of the qualifications certificate must be presented at the ICS Secretariat at the beginning of the course.)

4) Pay the application fee 

Required Documents for the Application:
  • 1 photograph*
  • Identification Document*
  • Certificate of Qualifications *
  • Curriculum vitae*
  • Research Project  (own form) – only for candidates in a tutorial regime
  • Declaration of acceptance of the advisor(s) - only for candidates in tutorial regime

 * mandatory documents


Application Fees are not refunded to non-admitted applicants.

2nd phase of applications will only open for vacancies.

If you have undertaken a degree awarding course at UCP, the application fee will be deducted from enrollment.

Upon registration, the payment of the 1st monthly fee is also made.

Students may apply by transfer from another doctoral program.

Students who have previously completed creditable Curricular Units in the course in which they are enrolled are exempt from the Request for Equivalence/Crediting of curricular units fee.


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