PhD in Cognition and Language Sciences

Descrição do Programa

The PhD degree in Cognition and Language Sciences is awarded by UCP, through the Institute of Health Sciences (ICS). This Institute initiated academic education activities in 2005, namely in the area of ​​Language and Communication, having since then promoted the realization of several master programs (Master in Clinical Linguistics and Master in Portuguese Sign Language and Deaf Education), either in the context of Language and Cognition, or in Neuropsychology. More recently, before the implementation of the “Bologna” system, a more generic tutorial doctoral program in Health Sciences was created, with a focus in the same domains.

In order to continue the post-graduate training that has been made available, this Doctoral program in the Health area, specifically, in the area of ​​Cognition and Language Sciences, was created. In this academic training course several scientific domains intersect, such as Language, Neurosciences and Neuropsychology. The interest in this research area has been increasing internationally, but in our country the training offers are still quite low, so it seems important for ICS-UCP to develop this doctoral program in response to this need.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Health (CIIS) and its laboratories - Lang_Lab and Brain and Behavior Research Lab (BBR) - frame and support the research developed by PhD students. 

Students can take advantage of FCT grants awarded by CIIS to this doctoral program in the field of Deafness and Sign Language.

The doctoral program follows an in-person training methodology, although it can be adapted for distance learning / remote teaching, if necessary.


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