(Coordinator – Marlene Barros)

The SalivaTec focuses research in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology and Molecular Mechanisms and Biomarkers, curating and integrating molecular data focused on salivary diagnostics. It generates the knowledgebase for the production of Oral Devices making the oral cavity a portal for real-time monitoring and assessment of health.

The in silico work on data curation, analysis and tool production resulted in OralCard database which has been updated to the SalivaTecDB, now including microbial proteins, microRNAs and an improved user interface. SalivaTecDB is unique in collecting, curating and disclosing information on saliva. These databases have enabled the rebuilding on existing omics data for the search of mechanisms and salivary biomarkers. SalivaTecDB led to the identification of the mechanisms dysregulated in aggressive periodontitis, paving the way for the establishment of better diagnostics strategies and therapeutic solutions. An identical approach was applied for the proposal of proteins which have the potential to be diagnostic and stratification biomarkers for AutismSD (ending in 2020). SalivaPRINT Toolkit, that enables protein profile evaluation, constitutes an advance in the use of saliva for disease stratification and biomarker proposal refinement. OralInt an innovative bioinformatics tool, produced with the cooperation of IEETA, allows for the prediction of inter-organism Protein-Protein Interactions. Based on OralInt, a publication on the Human-Zika virus interactome, lead to the proposal of 18 new human targets for ZIKV proteins. These results are relevant for the understanding of viral pathogenesis and the development of therapeutic targets for ZIKA infection management.

The in silico studies using bioinformatics tools developed in the platform allow Bringing Saliva into Health Research.


Integrated Researchers

António Santos Paulo

Dora Catré
Joana Rosmaninho Salgado
Maria José Serol de Brito Correia
Marlene Maria Tourais Barros
Nuno Rosa

Collaborator Researchers

Ana Sofia Fraga Almeida
Eduardo Esteves

Igor Cruz

Inês Isabel Ribeiro Coelho

Jesus Garrido Garcia
Jorge Emanuel Martins

Luís Sepúlveda

Mónica Figueiredo Fernandes
Paulo Santos
Sara Sofia Dinis de Sousa
Sofia Mariana Saavedra Ribeiro Pires da Silva