Translational Neuroscience Platform

(Coordinator - Alexandre de Castro Caldas)

The NeuroTransform has its focus on the brain and its functional mechanisms for the application of that knowledge: i) To the use of Brain Machine Interfaces to produce solutions for the restoration of motor function and for pain treatment and management; ii) To the translation of neuroscience findings into the education setting through science dissemination in schools and recognized training of education professionals; iii) The development of tools for professionals to better assess and promote the wellbeing of individuals with language disabilities, especially the deaf; the development of knowledge in the field of assessment and rehabilitation of people with sequelae of brain injury; the understanding of the mechanisms of pain and how to manage chronic pain as well as how spirituality impacts quality of life, hope, well-being and happiness.

NeuroTransform platform has 3 labs each with a Lab Leader:

  • Brain-Machine Interface Research Lab (BMIsLab) - Miguel Pais Vieira
  • Brain and Behaviour Research Lab (BBRLab) - Alexandre Castro Caldas
  • Language and Sign Language Research Lab (L&SLab) - Ana Mineiro

Integrated Researchers:

Alexandre Lemos de Castro Caldas
Ana Margarida Mineiro Rodrigues Rebello de Andrade
Joana Rodrigues Rato
Maria Emília Pinto dos Santos
Maria Vânia Rocha da Silva Nunes
Miguel Santos Pais Vieira
Rita Isabel Mangerico Canaipa

Collaborator Researchers:

Carla Ferreira da Silva Pais Vieira
Filipa Ribeiro
Helena Carmo
Sofia Lynce de Faria